Family  Tuition Rates 2019-2020    

Hrs/wk        Annual        Trimester     Monthly       Monthly


.5 hr.              $270           $ 90             $30               n/a

.75 hr             $360          $120            $40                n/a

1    hr.            $450           $150            $50               $45 *                                

1.5 hr.            $630            $210            $70               $50*

2    hr.            $765            $255            $85               $55 *              

2.5 hr.            $900            $300            $100             $60*

3    hr.            $990            $330            $110             $60*                              

3.5 hr.            $1080          $360            $120             $65*

4    hr.            $1170          $390            $130             $65*                              

4.5 hr.            $1260          $420            $140             $70*            

5+  hr.            $1350          $450            $150             $70*                              

6+    hr.          $1440          $480            $160             $75*                              

Individual Maximum:

7+    hr.          $1530          $510           $ 170            $80*                              

Family only:

8  hr.              $1710           $570            $190         $80*                             

9  hr.              $1890           $630            $210         $80*                                  

Family Maximum:

10+ hr.          $2025            $675             $225             $80*


qualifying for school free/reduced lunch (documentation required)


Ballet Private Lessons and YAGP Coaching  $35/45 min.

Baby Ballet, Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet have reduced 

tuition and are not eligible for family rates. 


Teen/Adult Classes:

10 class card: $90

Single class: $10

College student discount: $80/10 class card 


Music Lessons 

                                                               Card of 5 lessons

.5 Hour  Private                           $18                       $90

.75 Hour Private                          $25                       $125

One Hour Private                         $30                       $150

One Hour Semi-Private               $15                       $75

               Please contact us to register and set up a lesson time



Except for  private lessons and teen/adult open classes, registration is by trimester. This includes all theatre classes which count towards the family rate (new for 2018)*. Classes start Sept. 16th.  All past due tuition must be paid prior to registration/ class attendance. There is no registration fee. 

* surcharge for dance students already at family or individual maximum.

Private Music Instruction

Private lesson tuition may be paid per lesson, or with a card of 5 lessons.

Missed lessons without prior school  notification  will be charged a 50% rate. Semi-private lessons with only one in attendance will be charged the private tuition rate.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We are  dedicated  to providing instruction and performance opportunities to ALL students regardless of ability to pay. For dance we offer the area's only family friendly tuition, with graduated tuition rates including all siblings capped at $225/month. For families eligible for the MN state free and reduced lunch program, there are additional tuition reductions. For private music lessons and short session music and theatre classes, there is limited scholarship money available.

All boys in our Ed Parish Scholarship program study ballet tuition free, though donations are gratefully accepted to be able to continue this program and engage male guest instructors. 


Guest Instructors

Guest instructors may be invited to teach master classes a number of times throughout the year. There may be a surcharge of $5-$15 per class dependent on the teacher's expertise and length of travel) to offset the additional expense.

Tuition Payments

Tuition may be paid annually, by trimester, or in nine monthly installments from September-May. These are installments of a whole and  do not reflect the number of lessons in a month. Graduated tuition rates are two-tiered with an individual maximum and a family maximum. Tuition is based on a 30 week school year. Tuition payments are due by the 10th of the month. 

Withdrawal from classes must be in writing by the 15th of the preceding month to be effective by the 1st.  If annual or trimester tuition was paid, a refund will be given for the remaining months. 

2019-2020 School Year Calendar

Sept 16                   Classes start: Fall Trimester

Nov.  25-30             Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 1- 8                  Production Week/ no classes

Dec. 7-8                  Northwoods Nutcracker

Dec. 9                       Start Winter Trimester

Dec. 22-Jan. 5         Winter Break

March TBA              The Boy in Blue

March   2                 Start Spring Trimester

May TBA                  Student Showcase

May 23                    Last Day of Classes

May 25- June 8      Snow Make-up Days as needed


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